About our Foundation

 Castle Craig Hospital was established in 1988 to provide high quality and evidence-based inpatient addiction treatment, ever since that time, it has been a strong supporter of many varied charitable and community initiatives.  It has also worked in the public interest by contributing to the debates and developments surrounding our field of health and social care over the past 30 years. 

Since 1988, Castle Craig has been a strong supporter of many varied charitable and community initiatives.

This has led to the creation of the Castle Craig Foundation as a charitable corporate foundation.  Our primary goal is to benefit the general public by sharing and applying our expertise in the field of addiction care in an effort to tackle the challenges created by drug, alcohol and other addictions, as well as other related health and social issues.  We believe addiction should be treated like any other health problem, with high standards of care, full patient involvement and consent, as well as proper resourcing and optimal interventions and treatment by medical, nursing and therapeutic staff and social workers.  Too often alcohol and drug dependent patients are poorly served by a treatment system that fails to adequately provide for cases of severe or complex drug or alcohol dependency.

We will achieve our aims through information and education projects.  

We will advocate for intensive and effective treatment options and optimal treatment for individual cases.

We will  conduct research into and debate between different treatment approaches to addiction. 

Through these projects we aim to influence and change society's approach to addiction for the benefit of alcoholics, drug addicts and their partners or family members.  We will work together with those who share our aims. 

The foundation will also help patients and family members in recovery, by supporting charitable projects undertaken by individuals, including family members, who are in recovery themselves, this will include support for individual volunteering projects, community development projects which may be intended to benefit those with who are disadvantaged either through age, ill health, disability or natural and man-made disasters.

The foundation is supported by regular donations and in-kind support from Castle Craig Hospital Ltd.  The objectives of the foundation are intended to coincide with the corporate social responsibility agenda of the Castle Craig Group.  The foundation is run independently of the company, and the responsible officers are a board of trustees, who administer the charity in accordance with the standards demanded by the charity commission.